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Operation Education
Here I stood and never ran
Said the grey old veteran
Little soldier fought a war
Slowly crawled on knowledge's shores
Here I stood and never ran
Said the grey old veteran
Shots were fired boredom flew
Ran his body through and through
Creativity then flew
On wings grafted from soldier's wounds
In a last and desperate show
Sleeping gas flowed from soldiers foe
Here I stood and never ran
Said the grey old veteran
Knowledge conquered, we can at last
Forge our future with knowledge's cast
Facts were released in a great, big stream
On his chest these medals gleamed
Here I stood and never ran
Said the veteran old and grey
now death's call I will obey
Thus passed little soldier, now a man
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Cult of a new age
Faint, frail and flickering
preparing a new Æra
Motionless, waiting and celebrating
The dusk
An old dusk
Herald of the new age
The dawn of mind
The death of brawn
Æra of specialisation
Little did the globes know
That they too would become obsolete
:iconscaveo:Scaveo 0 1
Cult of a new age
Faint, frail and flickering
Burning daylight
Preparing a new Æra
Motionless, waiting and celebrating
the dusk
An old dusk
herald of a the new age
The age
A dawn of mind
A death of brawn
Æra of specialisation
Little did the globes know
They too would be obsolete
:iconscaveo:Scaveo 1 0
Boolean Matrices
Red lines in black
A trail of our lives
Memories fade as we leave the trail
Notice the difference
between Zero an One
Black and Red
Life is Boolean Algebra
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Tanker ved Peblinge soe
Tagrygge er en fantastisk
Træer er uforglemmelig
Er det altsammen bestandigt
Vand er dog den eneste
Valget skal læses mellem linierne
Trees are fantastic
Fiends are of unforgettable
Is it all sempiternal
Rain, however, is the sole
The choice is between the lines.
Direct translation:
(Roof) Ridges are fantastic
Trees are unforgettably
Is it all constant
Water is the only
The choice must be read between the lines
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The Diners
I have found
that Happiness and Sadness
does not overwrite one another
One can be lodged deep in the brain
The other seated in a cave in your heart
Home is where your heart is,
my home is in my mind
And thus the two will dine together,
until the end of mine
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Forgot to Forget the Forgotten
Perhaps I'd die slower
If I did the things I'm supposed to
Sleep, eat, work out...
But I forget
Perhaps I'd be happier
If I did the things everyone else does
Go out, dance, meet people ...
But I forget
Forgetting to eat
Forgetting to meet
Forgetting to work out
Forgetting to go out
Sleep and dance forget it,
Life is too short, for far too long
So I forget myself and thrive
For far to long for such a short time
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We build our fort
of cardboard boxes
and in the sun we danced
Despite our Differences
And when the sun
withheld its rays
we stood our ground
Despite our Differences
But then the rain
came and make our fort soggy
slowly it fell apart
Finally We Left Each Other
Because of our Differences
:iconscaveo:Scaveo 2 0
Delay and dodge
An evasive manoeuvre
:iconscaveo:Scaveo 1 16
Mind bomb mind blank I
nuclear mushroom rising fast
Feel the black fallout
:iconscaveo:Scaveo 0 2
Third year
Dreams die
as winter wanes
while bravery buried beneath permafrost
drowns in dirt and mud
Yet grass grows
and love lingers
seeping into a sweetened spring
year of change and yearning
:iconscaveo:Scaveo 1 2
Where are my I
Standing high
gazing towards the void
searching for a beacon
letting the slowly turning cone
guide my eyes
:iconscaveo:Scaveo 0 0
Entropy Organised
never has been mended
as it has always been whole
like a raindrop falling from the sky
forever falling
tomorrow never arrived
but we just kept on going
and now we reap
what no one will ever sow
we stood up
and now we cannot stand down
fall back
but forever fight on
as a cancer slowly spreading
our voices will be heard
and our blood
coloured carmine by our love
shall wash out your azure colours
:iconscaveo:Scaveo 1 3
Effects of the cause
There is a resemblance of normality
lost in the sink of society
along with me
soaked and beaten
They claim that I should fight
for my liberty
but how?
They have been grinding
and now my bones have turned
to dust
while slowly
they poisoned my flesh
and petrified my mind
so why think that I
a husk
will rise
to conquer consensus and change
our might has been neglected
and the reason the majority is silent
is because of the fact that our majority is dead.
:iconscaveo:Scaveo 0 6
Petals in the Breeze
Pain flows like petals
Silence then withdraws again
In the morning breeze
:iconscaveo:Scaveo 1 0
Glass Cage
Feeling life in full
As I look out the window
And peach trees blossom
:iconscaveo:Scaveo 0 0


I just noticed how I have neglected this poor thing. :P
My hand has been fine for a while now, so I have begun to draw and write again, especially write.
But hardly have the time for uploading anything as I have become a student at Copenhagen University at the institute for mathematical sciences.
I am studying pure Mathematics which is quite neat.
This however means that I have 1½ hour to school and 2½ hour home again due to weird timing of the public transport system. Which equals not much time for procrastination, although I have plenty of reason to. :D
My scanner still hates me though and it irritates me since I have made a series of drawings that are inspired by the new album from In Flames.
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Scaveo's Profile Picture
Tobias Kristoffer Scavenius
Greetings and salutations everyone
I am a dreamer and an introverted metal head, but worry not, I can be quite nice =)
I have just started my bachelor in mathematics amd hope it is something I will enjoy.

Favourite genre of music: Folk/Gothenburg/Progresive/Power Metal
Operating System: Windows 7
Personal Quote: Memento Mori


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